• Ice-O-Matic


    Designing and manufacturing ice machines in Denver, Colorado since 1952, Ice-O-Matic has worked tirelessly to develop, enhance and perfect the way ice is created and served. Ice-O-Matic are a proud market leader, offering a wide range of commercial ice machines, storage bins and ice dispensers worldwide.

    For more than 50 years, Ice-O-Matic have led the development of new commercial technologies, including the introduction of AgION Antimicrobial Compound in their ICE Series Cube Ice Makers. 

    The groundbreaking Elevation Series are designed to simplify life. Ice-O-Matic's cube ice machines are easy to clean, simple to operate and environmentally responsible without sacrificing productivity.

    Whether you own a restaurant, cafe, bar, hotel, convenient store, bubble tea store, fish market or are looking for an ice machine for your office or workplace, Ice-O-Matic's wide range of commercial ice making equipment is hard to come by!

  • Follett

    Since 1948 Follett LLC has led the industry in manufacturing high quality, innovative ice storage bins, ice machines, ice and water dispensers and ice and beverage dispensers for the global foodservice and healthcare industries. With a high focus on customer satisfaction, Folletts' equipment provides outstanding innovation and design excellence to meet the specific needs of each facility.

    Follett's purpose is to provide innovative solutions that promote health, safety and well-being.

    Follett's headquaters and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility are located in Easton, Pennsylvania, USA. 

  • Grant Ice Systems

    Grant Ice Systems manufacture commercial and industrial Flake Ice Making Machines. Grant possess a modern and high quality manufacturing facility with advanced production techniques and management systems. There are two main series (FFAR Self Contained & FFE Evaporator Only), both available in many different capacities producing Sub Zero Flake Ice.

    Grant's Sub Zero Flake Ice Machines can be utilised in many different applications; supermarkets, meat/food/chicken processing, the seafood and fishing industry, butcheries, chemical engineering of dyes, concrete construction, science experiments, biological pharmaceuticals, the mining industry, wineries and other various industries.

  • Coast

    Coast Distributors are now a proud market leader, providing quality ice making equipment and services all across Australia. With over 80 years experience in the ice machine industry, we have the solution for all your ice making needs!

    Our Water Filters enhance the ice quality and extend the performance and life of the ice machines. A water filter system should be purchased with every commercial ice machine. The warranty on the ice machine may be voided if no water filter system is fitted! 

  • Ezi-Ice



    Ice production from 25kg of ice per day.
    Storage Capacity: 7kg 
    Elegant, contemporary, stainless steel ice maker. 
    Space-saving 380mm wide under-counter design, perfect for foodservice and residential applications.
    Energy efficient - environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant.
    Warranty: 2 years parts & labour back to base.
  • Staff Ice Systems

    Staff Ice Systems - Shipboard or Land-Based suitable for Salt or Freshwater Flake Ice Machines.

    The SPS Series (Evaporator Only) Flake Ice Machines produce a low temperature (-10c) sub-cooled fresh or salt (sea) water flake ice at 2.0-2.5mm thick, using a horizontal rotating evaporator drum for ice production.

    Multiple capacities available. 

  • Desmon Scientific

    Medical Fridges. Pharmacy Fridges. Laboratory Fridges. Drug Fridges.

    2 models available with various configurations to suit any need! From pharmaceutical and medicine fridges to fridges for any laboratory!

    2 Capacities: 100L and 200L 

    Upright and Under Counter Refrigerators for Laboratories and Pharmacies. The most secure environment for your valuable vaccines, reagents, pharmaceuticals and samples. Acoustic and visual alarms. LED Lighting. Stainless steel interior. Glass door with door lock. Remote monitoring capability. The PERFECT refrigerator for a pharmacy! Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Identifier 311198 Manufactured in Italy. Warranty: 2 years parts & labour. Extended warranty options available. Meets Australian Standard AS 85000 2017

  • Zerica

    After 87 years in the business, Zerica's future sits on very solid foundations. Their entrepreneurial spirit and obsession with research and innovation has led to a constant strive in obtaining the highest level of quality possible.

    Always brimming with new ideas and projects, their philosophy remains the same;to create reliable and durable quality products. The experts in water chillers! 

  • Friulinox


    Since 1972 Friulinox has been creating blast chilling, storage and refrigeration systems with the utmost performance, quality and style: from the design to the construction, as part of an industrial cycle that combines Italian excellence, international dimensions and environmental sustainability.

    Friulinox systems are distributed in over 90 countries, in all the catering and food sectors. Examples of applications include: restaurants and pizzerias of all sizes, pastry shops, bakeries, gastronomy departments in large retailers, selfservice, cooking centres, kitchens in nursing homes and rest homes, canteens in work environments and collective spaces. Friulinox ensures the highest levels of versatility, reliability, service, optimization and food products and reduction of consumption.

    Countless models available in 3 product ranges: SUBMARINE Multi-Function Blast Chiller Cabinets, READY Super High Performance Blast Chillers and the all-in-one COMBI STATION

    Depending on the model, features may include: soft or hard blast chilling, anisakis killer, storage, negative storage, crystallisation, dehydration, retarder-proofer, slow cooking, proofing, pasteurisation, melting chocolate, thawing, soft or hard freezing, tapeworm killer, wifi connection and ecological refrigerant gas. 

    A range of Cell Units are also available on request to meet every work need and every type of production.


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  • FF0.4AR Sub Zero Flake Ice Machine


    • Produces up to 400kg of ice.
    • Sub Zero Flake Ice.
    • Including Refrigeration.
    • With Stainless Steel Covers.

        FF0.4AR - Sub Zero Flake Ice Machine (Including Refrigeration) Grants' fla…

  • RBS-051-SA-R290 Ready Super High Performance Blast Chiller


    • Ready Super High Performance Blast Chiller
    • 5 Tray Capacity

      RBS-051-SA-R290 Ready Super High Performance Blast Chiller    Features & Ben…

  • SBM-061-HA-R290 Submarine Multi-Function Unit


    • Submarine Multi-Function Unit
    • 6 Tray Capacity

      SBM-061-HA-R290 Submarine Multi-Function Unit    Features & Benefits- 6 Tray…

  • CX400R Grant Upright Storage Bin


    • Stores up to 400kg of ice.
    • Suits FF0.4 & FF0.6 models.

    CX400R - Grant Upright Storage Bins  Suits FF0.4 & FF0.6 models. Roto moulded poly-liner …

  • HGX-W-10-F Air & Surface Sanitisation Unit


    • Food storage.
    • Covers 10m².
    • White.

      HGX-W-10-F Air & Surface Sanitisation Unit   - Designed for food storage, prepara…

  • UCG045A Self Contained Gourmet Ice Maker


    • Produces up to 20.5kg of ice.
    • Stores 8kg of ice.
    • Gourmet Ice.
    $2,870.00 RRP + GST

        UCG045A Self Contained Gourmet Ice Maker   Produces crystal clear conical ice…

  • SPS950 Sub Zero Flake Ice Machine


    • Produces up to 950kg of ice.
    • Evaporator Only.
    • Sub Zero Flake Ice.

       SPS950 - Sub Zero Flake Ice Machine (Evaporator Only) Shipboard or land-based fl…

  • ICB110SC Storage Bin


    • Storage capacity 110kg.
    • Suits CIM0325 and CIM0525.
    • Soft Close.

      ICB110SC Storage Bin   304 Stainless steel material with plastic door. Softener on t…

  • Refresh RFU280 Water Chiller
    • Water Chiller.
    • Undercounter.

    Refresh RFU280 Water Chiller   Powerful undercounter chiller with a Silver Turbo Cooling Syst…

  • CIM0325 Modular Cube Ice Maker


    • Produces up to 132kg of ice.
    • Narrow Profile.
    • Full or Half Cube.

        CIM0325 Slim Line Modular Cube Ice Maker   Narrow Profile.   Energy Ef…

  • DS-SB10V

    Desmon Scientific

    • Lab Pro Series - Under Counter Refrigerator
    • 100L Capacity
    $700.00 RRP + GST

    DS-SB10V Under Counter Medical Grade Refrigerator Designed for laboratories and pharmacies. The mo…

  • MFE414ABT Maestro Plus Ice Machine


    • Produces up to 193kg of ice.

      MFE414ABT Maestro Plus Flake Ice Maker   Features - Top mount on a storage bin. - C…

12 of 143 Items