Maestro Flake Ice Maker



Produces up to 193kg of ice per day. 
Quiet, Energy & Water Efficient, Attractive and Compact European Design.
Perfect for preserving and presenting seafood, fruit & veg, meats and poultry. 
Also suitable for healthcare applications such as clinical labs, rehab and medical research facilities. With a large surface area, flake ice chills quickly and maintains samples at desired temperatures. Flake ice securely holds test tubes and lab vials, even when the ice is melting. Flake ice is also great for skin contact and swelling control - moulds well in ice bags for rehab applications. 
Manufactured in U.S.A 
Warranty: 3 years parts & labour, 5 years on compressor. 
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  • MFE414ABT Maestro Plus Ice Machine


    • Produces up to 193kg of ice.

      MFE414ABT Maestro Plus Flake Ice Maker   Features - Top mount on a storage bin. - C…

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