Horizon Elite Series Ice Maker



Ice Production up to 301kg of ice per day. 

Energy & Water Efficient. Save 30% on power and up to 100,000 litres of water per year.

Chewable slow melting nuggets are the perfect size & shape for bedside carafes. They mould easily for ice packs & cool quickly without bruising the patient. Chewblet ice is also well suited to juice bar applications, the ice blends easily saving wear & tear on blenders. 

Exclusive to Follett, you can transport Chewblet ice up to 22 metres through a tube. This allows for remote installation of the ice machine and the convenience of having ice delivered to where you need it. 

All models available with Chewblet OR Micro Chewblet ice. 

Manufactured in U.S.A 

Warranty: 3 years parts & labour. 

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  • HCE710ABT Horizon Elite Series


    • Produces up to 301kg of ice per day.
    • Chewblet or Micro Chewblet Ice.

         HCE710ABT Horizon Elite Series Chewblet Ice Maker Revolutionary, scale…

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