Self Contained Cube Ice Maker



Ice production from 96kg of ice per day.
Bin capacities: 32kg 
Constructed from sturdy, corrosion proof 300 series stainless steel inside & out. Self contained units feature contoured slide away door and no sag stainless steel top. Air is drawn in and exhausted from the front. The Ice Series TM machines have electro-mechanical controls. Proven classic cube shape - Full or Half. Available with air or water-cooled condenser. 
Perfect for bars, restaurants, clubs, pubs and cafes.
The Half Cube is more suitable for blending - smoothies or juices. 
Warranty: 3 years parts & labour, 5 years on evaporator and compressor. 
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  • ICEU225 Self Contained Cube Ice Maker


    • Produces up to 96kg of ice.
    • Stores 32kg of ice.

      ICEU225 Self Contained Cube Ice Maker No Side clearance required for the ICEU225.Air is dra…

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