Self-Contained Flake Ice Maker



Produces up to 67kg of ice per day. 
Includes bin capacity of 25kg of ice.  
Self contained flake ice maker producing granular, slow melting, quality ice perfect for medical, restaurant and display applications. Front air louvres ensure appropriate airflow in critical install requirements. 
Perfect for presentation and preservation of perishable food items, such as fish and vegetables. 
Warranty: 2 years parts & labour. 
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  • ICEF155 Self Contained Flake Ice Maker (front view)


    • Produces up to 80kg of ice.
    • Stores 25kg of ice.
    $6,680.00 RRP + GST

        UCF165A Self Contained Flake Ice Maker   Produces granular, slow melting, qua…

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